The Electric Power Research Institute conducts research, development, and demonstration projects for the benefit of the public in the United States and internationally. It is recommended to avoid using the… Is a Professional Unlock Tool, For Unlocking Samsung Mobile Phones . We Offer Unlock Solutions Super Easy to Use, One button click only.No need to ROOT your phone.No need to Downgrade or flash your phone.Safe And Sustainable. Hey all, I recently picked up a TracFone BYOP Sim Card for my Galaxy S3. My phone is unlocked and the IMEI is clean, so in theory the Sim Card should work. At first I thought that the Sim Card itself was faulty.

  • Another trick you can use is to place your camera in a more sheltered location.
  • Throughout 2015, prosecutors in the United States argued for the U.S. government to be able to compel decryption of iPhone contents.
  • If you’re looking for answers, here’s how to get your mic working again.

After that, scroll down and inspect microphone access for all apps. Turn on microphone permission for apps that you particularly use for video calling or audio recording. Similarly, turn off microphone access for apps that you don’t use often. The selected driver and component updates will now Microphone be downloaded and installed on your system. If outdated updates were the cause of your issue, then it should now be fixed on your system.


If you have certain SIM cards, you may not be able to connect to all the services your carrier offers. Common problems that can indicate your SIM card is bad are memory access issues, no network, calls being interrupted, and sudden airplane mode. Generally, the age of a SIM card doesn’t have any impact on cell phone signal, however, a faulty SIM card can cause issues in network connectivity. Bad sim card cannot block a phone but rather will cause network problem on a mobile phone. SIM card gets corrupted when the sim chip is damaged or tampered with. If you tampered with the sim card chip, it can get corrupted and you’ll start to see some of the listed bad sim card symptoms.

Apple’s AirPods are some of the most popular headphones ever produced, but that doesn’t mean they come without problems. If you’ve noticed that your $200 wireless headphones are a bit… trouble-prone, you aren’t alone. If the audio doesn’t work, the headset may be overcharged.

Update Your macOS

Drivers are software that controls how your computer’s hardware is behaving. If you are completely missing your audio drivers or if you have installed the wrong ones , make sure to update your entire audio drivers list. Some microphones and headsets have mute switches that, when pressed, automatically disable your microphone. Therefore, check whether your microphone’s mute switch has been toggled off and adjust it if needed.

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Playback the clip to see if the issue has been resolved. If the recording quality is fine, your microphone is working normally and one of the connected accessories or recently downloaded apps may be causing the issue. Next, toggle the switch below Allow apps to access your microphone to ON. You might want to check individual app permissions in the list below.